Vanilla Nationalism 

There’s a feud in the twitter nationalists. 

Big gun, here, there and a self promoted rapper/commentator on the end of it.

Yeah, different day, same shit. Do I care?

Beyond mocking the egotistical tendenancies of some individuals, pretty much no. 

I think there’s a breadth and depth to things beyond saying that this one is right or this one is wrong. I have my own opinions on crowdfunding, but I’d be careful if I ran something through that means not to put the boot into someone else by doing it.

Which takes me to my point. I’m pretty much a Vanilla Nationalist.

I’ve no sprinkles or sauces, no fancy flavours, packaging or crunchier cone. 

I suspect most of the grass roots people who believe in Scotland and want independence are similar. We have our lives and our work, Kids and responsibilities. That sort of stuff. 

We don’t really have the time or energy to self promote ourselves, we’ll get behind the ‘good guys’ and support them and have a dig at the ‘bad guys’. 

I write to get thoughts out my head. Others do for money or have the ability to be ‘a commentator’ and that’s all fine, there’s an opportunity after Brexit to press on the loss of the EU. 

There’s been hard work by our First Minister and other politicians to make connections, to push the narrative.

Now, I understand that some want to be seen as the narrative or to pop up and appear radical or say we need a republic or we need a green Scotland, or a Scotland where land ownership is fair, or a Scotland with big fuckng signs in Scots.

I happen to think that’s all pretty sauces and toppings. I want white ice cream. No taints, added flavours, crunchy cones.

So, for the time being, I’d like some necks wound in, Egos deflated and the direction clear. One thing. A push to get out the UK and be independent. 

Yes it’s a daily fucking grind. 

Yes, it’s taking the agenda in the news and saying, hang on, what is this?

 It’s the gradual conversion of opinions. 

It’s looking at our Council elections next year. 

It’s looking at the European media and getting a grip with opinion makers and formers there. 

It’s taking Brexit and saying what a mess it will make of our country.

So. Can we have our vanilla cones and leave the rest out of it?


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