Another Day, more shit. (Autism)

Unhelpful person guarding queen street station lower level entrance the other day.

I walk up showing my Zonecard. (It’s an unlimited travel card that I use.)

Him – ‘Where are you going?’

Me – Does it matter?

Him – Where are you going?

Me – It’s a ‘zonecard’, can’t I just get the train? – it’s okay I’ll get the subway instead.

So a shouting match  breaks out as he wouldn’t just accept my ticket as being okay for travel. (Which it was)

Now, I’m at fault as I didn’t answer the initial question. It’s their premises, their trains.

I don’t try to get into these things, I really don’t need the hassle. 

I ended up photographing the guy and repeating his name from his badge. Which suitably wound him up. (I didn’t keep the photo or send a compliant.)

Again, I didn’t need to do it. Didn’t need the hassle. 

But I felt provoked and I felt stressed as I was being blocked from doing something reasonable for no reason.

I walked to the farther entrance,  showed my ticket without question, got the train and went where I needed to go.

On my return, I exited at queen street station and went past the guy that stopped me going in, showing my pass. Nothing said.

I want to email scotrail to complain as I didn’t like person or their attitude. 

I didn’t need the question. Didn’t need the provocation at that moment, at that time.

But that’s my condition, it’s how I am and how I can react. 

I don’t like it. I don’t like being worn down by pettiness/officialdom. 

I buy a ticket that lasts a month, gets me where I need to go with minimum human contact compared to buying tickets day to day. 

If I can put it through a barrier or flash it at the people without hassle then that’s great.

But, I get tired. Get frustrated, get down. In the end, I just get annoyed and depressed. 

I hate how I can react, I dislike being verbal enough, but not verbal enough to talk my way through things and say properly when something isn’t right or fair.

I don’t want to make excuses for my condition. I want to be independent and able and to keep busy and doing what I do.


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