See this. 

This is my nearest data point. I’m one of the 761. 

It’s the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprevation. I’m fortunate. I work, yes I have a lifelong condition, but I work.

Now, many around me are disabled, elderly or just poor.

I’m not frightened to walk the streets, I’m not scared of where I am.

What frightens me is Westminster, Brexit, Tory policies on disability, poverty and children.  

I believe my MP, MSP, and even my local council are trying to do the right things for Paisley and Renfrewshire.

Every boom, it just reaches us before fading again, there’s no long term sustained prosperity where I live and there’s not been for a long time. Despite the beautiful views to the hills and the Victorian architecture. 

I can sell you a story here. There’s a tale of woe and betrayal and generation after generation of voting for one party in every election. Stuff waxes and waines and we get no further along.
There are glimpses of hope followed by glimpses of despair.

For once, it needs fixing and sorting and hope restored, dignity regained. 


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