MNAA (autism)

Stands for ‘mainly not about autism’ – I’ve been categorised by others that want to create a list of autism blogs.

Well, I’d say almost half my posts are, all my posts are written by someone with Aspergers and a father to a kid with more classic non verbal autism.

Thing is I didn’t ever intend my blog to be on one subject or issue and if I had, I wouldn’t just use my name.

I like to tag posts in case it’s helpful, but I may stop doing so, now I feel someone is categorising this blog with neither my consent or permission. It’s nice to at least ask. 

I came across said list by happenstance looking through Twitter on a search for ‘autism’

I could be very rude in suggesting new letter codes for them, but I’ll accept its well intentioned and I’ll see if I can quietly find the creator and ask my blog be removed from their listing.

Listing things isn’t good and it’s part of the struggle with the neurotypical world that has to place things in boxes like Autism and aspergers as its different and ‘not normal’ to them. 

So, there. Rant over. 


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