Creepy Autistic Guy (Autism)

I’ve seen the tale of an autistic guy on a team in Melbourne having been ‘creepy-shamed’ by a young woman on Facebook.

I understand the young lady was a feminist upset at the way the guy looked at her and other females on that journey. I also understand the guy was autistic and just wanted to high-five with people.

At this point, I then start thinking, ‘I’m creepy’ and how do I stop thinking that I am and stop thinking people think I am.

Only answer is withdrawal. Don’t look at or talk to women. Keep away and don’t do small talk, minimise the chance that anyone might think that of me. Don’t walk behind women etc.

I’m the father of a girl. I respect women’s rights and understand enough things to know that women can and do feel intimidated by men and that it is a real issue in public places and that there can be harassment and worse.

As an autistic personal with a wonky social filter and the ability to be inappropriate, I can’t risk it.

My blue lenses are enough to generally upset people and have them avoid me. I wouldn’t sit near a lone female on the train, I’d try to avoid sitting across from one as well.

I think it means being careful around workmates. I work with a mix of men and women, but I’m now thinking, no chat, no looks no anything that could be misconstrued.

I could explain that my condition makes me face blind and I have to look ‘harder’ at even people that I know to take it in, but that’s too much work, almost like I’m making excuses for myself.

So safety first. Withdraw and hope people think I’m less creepy if I avoid them, but then I’ll be aloof and arrogant and ignorant….


1 thought on “Creepy Autistic Guy (Autism)

  1. yeah, the war on men is probably more of a war on aspies than anyone realizes or cares. but then i have no sympathy at all for hateful hypocrites who drink “male tears.” somehow its our job to recognize everyone who waves a banner of equality, even if we have to throw everything important to our well-being under the bus.

    its not (and never will be) my job to support a person who demonizes me and pre-judges me. it is (and always was) my job to care about (all) individuals who are discriminated against and treated unfairly, no matter what group they are from. i USED TO think it was my job to care about GROUPS who are discriminated against and treated unfairly. but that has yet to result in anything but fighting injustice with more injustice. i will take a pass on that– everytime i can remember to.

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