Doing a nice thing (Autism)

My daughter wanted me to change around something in the bedroom she shares with her brothers at my place.

My kids are with me at weekends, their mothers in the week.

I did what was needed with tidying, cleaning, vaccuuming and moving items about. 

It was satisfying at the time, a sense of purpose and doing, the autistic eye for detail and doing things right.

The down sides were the buzz afterwards, I stayed up longer than I intended and the tiredness today. I’m almost in sloth mode. 

But, I did what I was meaning to do  in the way ‘I need to do things’, it’s done properly and I’m happy with it and satisfied and the change will be good for all the kids too.

So, for my non-autistic readers… 

Prevarication and anxiety over doing things is a daily thing. It’s not easy getting beyond the hump and just doing something. 

I’ve struggled with housework since I’ve been on my own again, I do what I can, when I can.

Tiredness. I also work full time, do weekend stuff with kids and help with my son that has autism. I do the crash out and shut down thing if over tired.

Order and ‘my way’ – sequences of doing things, habitually doing things 100% right, properly and completely.

Children, I try and be best parent possible and have good relationships with my kids. I don’t see them everyday now and I miss them when they’re not there.

All in all I’m happy about what I’ve done but I’ll fuss around it over the next few days.


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