Unintended Learning (Autism)

A few months ago, I realised that I was face blind. The scientific name is Prosopagnosia and it’s one of the associated things that you can have with an ASD condition.

Basically you might know people on a day to day basis through their expected shape, their voice and how they dress rather than through actually knowing their face.

A few months ago, I wasn’t sure where I stood as far as relationships were concerned. I’m separated and my kids live in the same town but it was 2 years after everyone moved out from me.

I cope ok, but for some reason I was feeling particularly lonely or just down and grumpy.

So I tried Tinder.

I learned there was many nice pictures of women in my area around my age range.

Could I recall any? 

Ten minutes later,  No.

It’s entertaining and fun to try, but no-one stood out or ‘stuck’, I then looked a few days later at Face Blindness and tried a test at faceblind.org. It scared me a bit, but I’m mildly affected.

I fail particularly badly with women, a colleagues hair or make up changing can really throw me and I seem to then have to try and take it in. Or in other terms, I stare. 

Now that feeds into autistic people being ‘creepy’ and as a ‘social’ interaction thing it adds to oddness and strangeness. I think in overall terms it means I have to try really hard not to try and take in the details.

I’ve recently failed to recognise a female colleague, she had sunglasses on and her hair down. 

I’ve failed to notice my sister in a supermarket before.

No doubt on a daily basis, I walk past people without realising it.

So, another Autistic Foible learned about, almost by accident.


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