Lethargy (Autism)

There are days that I can’t properly describe, where tiredness bites, lethargy, no matter what I eat or drink.  Nothing days. Minimum functions available.

I get through, the battery works better the next day or day after that.

It is a physical sensation, not just a mental thing or a feeling. I feel heavy and uncoordinated, I have no life or zing. 

Every light is a bright one, every noise a loud one, I feel pain, I hurt.

Now this might happen when I’m ok mood wise and not down, if I am a bit down or worried then there’s no pushback or fight and I struggle.

I don’t know in advance. I never know good and bad days in advance. I sometimes need to compensate with sleep, sometimes to find a reset from a crash out sleep.

Tiredness or untiredness I can’t really keep track of. I don’t think of good days as good days given the massive amount of anxiety I carry with me. 

I write this on a day where I’m up early and functioning. I couldn’t when I’m not.

There are physical aspects to Aspergers, it’s a condition, a difference, not just only in the head


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