Applying for PIP (Aspergers)

I got brave enough this morning to finally call the DWP helpline on my PIP claim.

I wrote in a March for the claim form, got the claim form completed and sent off in early July to the prepaid address on the envelope.

I was pleased I didn’t need to call the claim line as I thought it’d distress me. I followed the advice of the NAS, I did everything I was required in terms of the paperwork and included my diagnosis.

I found out this morning that my claim is not received, that the DWP have no record of my application for PIP. 

I’m currently living on a disposable income of just over £40 per week due to my situation and even although I work, I’m toiling each month.

I was scared to apply straight after my diagnosis in November 2014.

If my application from July is lost, I get no back payment assuming my claim doesn’t get referred or refused.

I’m at the edge of my limits and I’m really upset.

I had to wait 11 minutes before speaking to a call advisor, the music was a loud and jarring version of green sleeves interspersed with voices that were direct and insistent. I was feeling sick even waiting and before getting the bad news from the agent.

So, any hope of a back payment or regular payments to help me is gone. I’m stressed and upset. 

I feel the system cheated me. 

I have no idea where to turn next. My work environment makes private phone calls impossible as it’s open plan and there’s no privacy for such calls, even if I actually wanted to do so.

Any hope I had of sorting my finances out is gone. It’ll be another application and six months of waiting to see if PIP is possible for me. 

My depression and anxiety will get worse. I may need to take time off work if I feel like I do today. It’s another burden and worry.


2 thoughts on “Applying for PIP (Aspergers)

  1. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I rang DWP yesterday on my husband’s behalf to start the process to apply for PIP (he has Asperger’s) and I’ve heard it can be a gruelling process. I know it feels unmanageable but if you haven’t done it in this time I would apply again. When you complete the form, photocopy it and when you send it back, either send it recorded delivery (yes even though it’s prepaid) or if money is tight give it to the Post Office and ask for Proof of Postage.

    • Thanks I’m now at stage where I got my decision, requested the Mandatory Reconsideration and have sent paper work for the Court Service Appeal Stage. It’s hugely frustrating process and I feel medical assessment didn’t take Aspergers into account.

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