Me and Inner Me

You probably already know the meme with Kermit and his evil twin.

‘Me’ has had an ok week, bobbed along, seen the kids, been at work, been doing stuff as normal, getting on with things and being the usual. ‘Me’ has been buying Christmas stuff here and there and even wrapping it.

‘Inner Me’ has had a hell of a week, first with letters and lawyers and things, next with a disastrous bit of news after calling about PIP application. 

‘Inner Me’ had microwave pizza for dinner on Wednesday.

 ‘Inner Me’ lost the will to live in a pizza restaurant on Thursday. 

‘Me’ has been trying to keep all the mess at bay.

 ‘Inner Me’ can see Christmas far enough.

‘Me’ keeps the lid on the chaos. ‘Me’ writes the blogs. ‘Me’ talks and doesn’t talk to people. 

‘Inner Me’ knows what he can’t do, ‘Me’ at least tries.

‘Me’ is conditioned through school and parenting, he has sets of formulated phrases and plans for most situations. 

‘Inner Me’ mainly wants to scream at the maelstrom of information, and sensory inputs throughout a day.

‘Me’ gives ‘Inner Me’ the hairdryer treatment of regular bollickings and ‘c’mon man’.

Before I go further, I’m not schizophrenic, Me and Inner Me are just the way I can rationalise how my own mind works. 

Me is the ‘masking effect’ doing it’s job, Inner Me is the difficult bits, the anxiety, fear and depression with the puzzlement on faces, imprecise language, the way time works and just what to do. 

Yeah, even I need to work out which me is running the show.


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