My fellow aspies.. (Aspergers)

My intro might be enough to upset.

Aspie/Aspies isn’t liked by some as a phrase.

I know relatively few other aspies in person. A few more online.

I don’t understand quite all of the chat. ‘Ableist’ I understand. I’ve figured out the masking thing.

I know the proportion of females is very much understated.

I know there’s a dx thing about diagnosis and non diagnosed and I’m non plussed at self diagnosing.

I sort of know if I think another adult seems to do aspergers type things not to diagnose them.

I try to avoid talking back to Autism mum’s as I can’t do ‘aw hunny’ at their moans, whilst thinking if only they.. 

As I say, I don’t get all the politics within being an Aspie, I don’t know my own situation fully. 

When privilege is mentioned, I’m white, Adult and male. I’m employed. I’m a father and I have kids, one is more classic non verbal autism and is diagnosed.

I don’t have issues with identity, more so with anxiety and depression and confidence. I’m not really sure what else.

I’m late diagnosed in my 40’s. I’ve struggled by for years and diagnosis triggered an internal revaluation of everything I’ve ever done and triggered a pile of regret.

I don’t get help. I navigate stuff by myself. I don’t get PIP, but I’m trying to. I’ve got little else.

It’s lonely and not always great. I have my moments. I’d like to think I’ll be happier in future. I worry that I can’t do anything that I’ll freeze and just be and not do things. 

I’m no writer. I do try and get across what I mean. Hopefully I’ve got better over time. 

Being me is enough, defining me to create arguments with others isn’t.

 I can only relate to my experiences and my circumstances. I know I don’t get things right and believe me no one regrets what I’ve did in my life through my aspergers triggers more than I do.

To conclude, I try to blog for myself, as an means of expression. For others as an insight, whether NT, aspie or ASD. My other social media posts are across different things, often just what interests me.

I have no great mission. I need not know a great deal on my ‘neuro-syblings’ that I read. 

Knowing they exist and are there is vital for me.

That I am not alone in having ‘this sort of head’ is a great comfort, but I am not ready to scale myself against others and look at ‘privilege’ or to categorise.

We – ‘we with autism’ – are a ‘minority’, that may still be a huge number of people, and the issues that concern me are recognition, awareness, acceptance and eventually equality with Neurotypicals.


3 thoughts on “My fellow aspies.. (Aspergers)

  1. hello, friend. no worries.

    theres a time for being political, and a time for friendship. if enough people were friends, what would we even need politics for? though everyone thinks im too political 🙂 cheers.

  2. Hello, I am the mother of an Aspie and I can relate very well to what your saying and what I see in my young son. I have no great answers, for you or for him, but i believe in all being human. Take strength from the humans who love and support and leave the rest to themselves. Take Care and thank you for your blog. ~N~

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