60163 Tornado. Our favourite locomotive?

She’s the first locomotive to haul a scheduled mainline service in 50 years. A real historic feat.

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust completed her in 2008 and no-one quite knew how a ‘new’ steam locomotive based on a traditional design that had not been preserved would be received.


 I deliberately said ‘based’ as the team building Tornado regarded her as an evolution of the class and took account of issues the sister locomotives had in service.

She’s named after an RAF jet that’s being retired, she’s a triumph of engineering long after the ‘space-age’ ended, she’s as remarkable an achievement as Concorde.

Her popularity is huge, she’s extremely well known and has been a steady performer over the past few years on steam charters and in touring the preservation railways. 

Perhaps ‘Flying Scotsman’ is more famous, but ‘Tornado’ has caught the imagination of people and that’s quite some job and very apt that she is running scheduled services.

A huge achievement for a locomotive built from scratch on hopes and donations and masses of goodwill. The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust must be saluted for their efforts.


is the next project building another ‘new’ locomotive and well worth a read, my only issue is that the  engine plates should be ‘Duke of Rothesay’ to keep the Scottish names theme of the locomotives the new one is to be based upon


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