Commuting. The ticket staff and the ‘priority seats’.

I said on twitter last night I’m close to being ‘done’ with commuting by train. 

I’ve had a season ticket or 4 weekly zonecard since 2006. I buy monthly usually. 

I’m sick of standing between Paisley and Glasgow. I’ve had enough of the lack of seats and people being selfish.

I now pretty much need a seat, given how I am and how I feel. I just want an aisle seat in peace and not near conversations or over loud headphones.

 I’m six feet and large so being under the glass overhead rack means hitting my head. I’d be anxious trapped inside someone and uncomfortable too.

I can’t sit outside of a lone female, that’d make me uncomfortable and if I wear my blue lenses glasses it’s not an option.

I’d love if the ‘priority seats’ weren’t routinely occupied.

I can’t ask to take a seat. I wish that I could. 

I’m also very unhappy with the staff that act as the barrier gate at Paisley Gilmour Street. 

The nonsense I got over the last couple of weeks for wearing my blue glasses and showing my Zonecard has put me even further off using the station. 

I was singled out to get stopped when a particular member of staff was on. Normally I show my pass and can keep on walking to get up the stairs and toward the trains.

I’ve went in that way daily for 11 years. I’ve not once had any help, the monitors for the trains have a longer time on the safety message than page one showing latest train. 

I’ve missed trains by guessing at the wrong stairs, there’s never been a shout to say ‘platform 1 or platform .

 It’s not good customer experience either.

So, the last time I was stopped, I knew I had time and had my Police backed This person has Autism Card too. I showed him that, said I needed my glasses for the lights inside the buildings and for on the trains.

No apology. A grunt. A shout from his younger coworker- he’s just ‘checking the dates’ – I told him it’s a monthly and it’s been the same date the last 5 times it got stared at.

Fairly hacked off at that, the next two mornings I travelled in early before the grumpy staff arrived at their posts. I can’t keep that up forever either. 

So I’ll see, the bus takes three times as long.


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