Scottish Politics ‘Privilege’ calculator.

Well we had a doozy of a Labour accounting unit in Scotland conference recently with the London Mayor generating headlines for his conflation of Scottish Nationalism into a sort of Racism.

Yes, the R word and whilst Mr Khan had experience of the worst of British Society, he’s thrown into play the ‘I can say x as I have experience of x.’

Now I don’t much like being called Racist for just wanting a better and fairer Scotland by unshackling my country from the deadly brexit flavoured paws of the London establishment.

 I’m pretty sure Mr Khan is a privy counseller as a former government minister and well, there’s a bit of the establishment too.

Sadiq Khan Wikipedia entry
So, that’s one part of our recent headlines. 

The Guardian then chose to run an article by Clare Heuchan.

Guardian Heuchan article
Now, if you read the article, it’s basically a follow on from the bits of the Khan speech that were cut out.

Clare Heuchan’s tweet handle was included by the Guardian in their promotion of the article, she was rightly pulled up for the lack of mention of Scots of Irish catholic background and for her lack of knowledge on Scottish history at all really. 

In a country where tartan and bagpipes were banned after the 1715 and 1745 risings, does she think we occupy a plinth of privilege similar to London’s political chatterers?

So to Privilege. Clare is Black and Female. Sadiq is Asian.

If you are white and male and tweet your disagreement you’re using your entitlement and privilege as a white male. 

Now I learned the privilege stuff through my learning to be an autistic person. 

There are some aspies that have gender issues and argue exclusively through a prism that if you haven’t had the same issues they have then you can’t talk Autism. 

That’s a step removed from the #actuallyautistic hashtag used to inform some of the idiot neurotypicals that can speak about autism and in particular ‘Autism Speaks’.

So your privilege points are; colour, sex,sexuality, nationality, disability and hair colour (probably).

So as a disabled bald man (2 points at a push) I can say to Sadiq and Clare that I find their viewpoint repulsive and that poisoning the debate over indyref 2 as some sort of ethic Scottish racial purity is utterly bonkers. 

Now, can we get back to some sort of sensible debate over brexit and independence please? 

Fortunately Robert J Soymme is a much better writer than me and he fired a counter piece also in the Guardian

Guardian Somynne 
So, if nonsense spouted, call it. If the person spouting nonsense screams they’re now a ‘victim’ it’s the same old tactic used by British Unionists before and after the 2014 indyref. Same old same old.


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