Scotref – first thoughts.

Ach I’ll be a grump and say late 2018/early 2019 isn’t radical enough for me and neither is asking for permission for a referendum.

Bring the MP’s up the road, convene the Scottish Grand Committee in Holyrood. Set them working on non-reserved matters.

Tell Theresa that we’re having a referendum this autumn. 

Engage with the EU now for accession terms. Our laws already pretty much comply.

I’m not saying UDI. I think I’m not really a gradualist. I’m probably being impatient and wrong.

It’s easy to be sick of brexit and the antics of Westminster the last nine months or so. 

It’s clear the Tories don’t wanna listen. They don’t have to.

And they will seriously consider blocking a request for a referendum.

Anyway. On the hoof. First thoughts.


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