Doctor Who Series Ten Trailer breakdown 

I’ve had my paws on these and had to wait for the trailer to be shown on Monday .

These are stunning visuals from filming in Spain. The emoji bot makes me think Seventh Doctor and happiness patrol.

Nardole gets a sonic screwdriver, but it’s a classic one like wielded by the War Doctor and those before him.

Classic Bad Guys? Check.

Our favourite time-lady? Check.

Pyramids? Check.

The Doctor in a jam? Check.

All in all a masterful use of visuals and we are most definitely past Clara. It’s a one minute trailer. I commend it to you, we could have the series we’ve been hoping for. There’s freshness and ideas throughout the trailer and I’m not going to attempt breaking it into any order of episodes. I believe some titles are known and there’s speculation on the series arc afoot.

I’m excited and very much looking forward to Saturday nights from April 15.

Yeah mate, thumbs up!


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