Leicester City last eight in UCL

A remarkable story.

But, I feel for Claudio Raneri. I wonder about the players. I see some fans online reaction to these results after Raneri was replaced. I had nothing but goodwill for them in last season’s odyssey to win the English Premier League.

If you’re a Leicester fan, you’ve had a rubbish season, the manager gets sacked, results start again. You don’t boo getting in the last eight of the champions league. It’s maybe bittersweet or horrible seeing Raneri out, but think of the big guns in the tournament that are left.

Fickle. A success with an aftertaste. Player Power? It’s a combination of factors that only those in that dressing room know. Did they ‘chuck’ it? How does that square with superstar salaries and professing to be ‘with the fans’? Will it happen again and at which club?

I wonder how dads and mums explain it to their kids. I know I’d struggle.


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