Not Every Disability is Visible (Autism)

I’m fairly lucky as I rarely need use an actual ‘disabled’ toilet. I don’t need adaptions particularly to use normal ‘public’ toilets in shops or shopping centres.

I do struggle a great deal with the noise from hand dryers and although I wash my hands, I’ll avoid the noise from the hand dryer and it’s not that bad a problem unless the noise is continual. I’ve only rarely experienced that in the bigger shopping centres and at motorway service stations where there’s a considerable throughput of people.

My son needs a surface to change his pad on, so I’ll look in a disabled toilet for a flat surface to do so. That option isn’t quite there and more public spaces need to have a bench and hoist to be fully accessible. Some baby changes are more suitable but I don’t always want to change a bigger child in there.

The signs saying ‘not every disability is visible’ are welcome though.

Public attitudes suck though. I know that from wearing my blue lenses. 

Different isn’t liked and unless you’re missing a limb, any other disability is shown a scowl.

People will, sadly, use those signs to claim phantom disabilities to use disabled loos as generally they are cleaner and more private as all the facilities are in the room. I’ve waited many times with my son. It’s seen as ‘only a minute’ or ‘harmless’, 

I find I don’t say anything if someone makes an excuse on their way out. I have to consider too if they have a hidden condition too.


1 thought on “Not Every Disability is Visible (Autism)

  1. in the bathroom i use most often, the accessible toilet is the only one beside the urinal. im pretty sure its ok for everyone to use, and everyone can use it.

    perhaps they should just take the other toilets out. or you know, society could just grow the f*** up.

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