ScotRail HST livery

I blogged a while back that I thought the use of the standard ScotRail blue livery on the High Speed Trains due to start in 2018/2019 seemed a bit much.

So I was delighted to see an online article on Rail Engineer article that covered the technical aspects and also this..The Article is called ScotRail’s new HST’s and effectively that’s seemingly what they’ll be with quite a detailed overhaul of the carriages and power cars.

I have no idea if this is a visual representation that’s finalised or official.

 I like the muted blue around a yellow U shape, I like the cityscape visuals, I like the black/grey banding around the windows.

I like the yellow band BR style over windows and the overall end to end look.

It’s a welcome progression from having a slab of dark blue end to end without relief. The cityscape elements may be Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen or Inverness.

The look might be an Intercity for ScotRail and a break from the Saltire Scheme, but these vehicles are more unique than their modern counterparts.

The ironic touch is that the class 385’s are likely to be the workhorse, first between Glasgow and Edinburgh and later to Stirling and further north. They, or a varient, will eventually replace the HST’s.

I happen to like the saltire livery, it entirely suits the class 380 and has various degrees of success on older stock. It suits the 334, 320 and 170 stock, it is less better on blunt fronted 314, 318, 156 and 158 units.

In time, the variation shown with the HST’s might translate to other units. If Saltire livery is to evolve it’s probably a good thing and some of the design touches can be looked at, to liven the design.

The final touches aren’t with us yet, but it’s encouraging. 


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