World Autism Day 2nd April 2017 (Autism)

Acceptance or Awareness?

Acceptance for me please.

It’s a further step, but how long have we been trying with Awareness? 

Probably too long and acceptance means a further step from the world too, an effort. Maybe an attempt towards embracing or acceptance of neurodiversity as a concept.

There’s a need to push at barriers. Telephone only ways of getting help, maybe a better realtime text interface technology? Maybe better pictorials, signage, symbols.

There’s a need today of all days to think about ‘that fucking jigsaw piece’ – I don’t like it, hence the swearword and It’s necessary emphasis. 

It’s part of a puzzle – autism is more likely has genetic causes than environmental though, it’s likely to be lifelong and incurable too.

It’s an emblem – well, ask the national autistic society in the uk, they seem to cope.

It’s a lone piece, it represents something missing. I’m speaking for myself but I have all the usual bits of someone my age.

And next ‘light it up blue’ – now, thorny. I’m in Scotland so it’s not for me to tell charities in other countries and territories not to do so, I plan to hound any organisations or buildings in the UK that tweet it though as they’re doing so for a foreign charity and the NAS or others might prefer a mention to that charity.

Red Instead. – very much my preference and I can only support anyone in the US who is #actuallyautistic I read and see what people say and I want to help if I can. I don’t know if a uk based website that pushed an alternate view to the blue stuff might help but there’s highlighting the issue and there’s being useful and helpful. By that, I mean that the adult diagnosis and confusion that I experienced isn’t necessarily how it should be and if I were to expend Time on a website, it would be to give resources for adults diagnosed and pointers. My experience is mixed, I cannot say otherwise and although there’s mental health websites, NAS, Scottish Autism etc, I still don’t really know if there’s other stuff I can access and I’m still in the hellhole of dealing with the DWP.

So, Happy WAAD. I know there’s weeks and months and… 


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