Voting until I’m Boaking. (Scottish Politics)

I’ve been looking at local council election on 4th May.

My ward is one that elects 4 councillors using a proportional representation system. The Single Transferable Vote.

I have ten candidates on my ballot paper to choose from and I must use a numbered preference through the list.

Now, there’s been many blogs on ‘vote til you boke’ – literally vote until you are sick. 

The theoretical basis being that it’s better to rank who you don’t want as much as who you do want.

The term is from Northern Ireland and they’ve more experience in this type of electoral system.

I had initially thought if only expressing 4 choices. 

The 2 SNP candidates that I do want to support, together with a Scottish Green and Scottish Socialist as third and fourth choices.

But, if I vote until I boke, I’ll need to rank all ten candidates.

By way of background, morally I don’t want to help the Conservatives or Tories and I really want Labour out of the Council majority too, so I think I need to go:-

1. SNP 1

2. SNP 2

3. Green

4. SSP

These are my preferences and who I want elected.

The ranking below is my dislikes with least liked as 10.

5. LD

6. Independent 1

7. Independent 2

8. Labour 1

9. Labour 2

10. Conservative 

I think to get it right on day, I’ll need to think of the 4 I want, then the 3 I don’t want, and finally, the middle 3.

It’ll be a bit of a nightmare to do, but I’ll do it.

My advice:- 

Look at your local council website for your electoral ward. 

Look at how many councillors are going to be elected to the Council in your ward.

Look at the number of candidates standing.

Figure out your top three or four and your bottom three or four.

Good luck. 

If it helps, here’s how I’m probably ranking.

I got this list from:-

Do look under your council area, and you can use map to figure your ward, if you’re in any doubt.

Remember that a candidate can really only campaign for themselves and their party and they can’t really say to use the list to maximum and to rank lower against parties that you dislike or do not want to be elected.

In the end it’s everyone’s own choice as to how they see things and how they want to use the election. 

There’s messages to be made on the back of these local elections and it may well be a reaction to Brexit or a reaction to a potential independence referendum about Brexit.

I guess we’ll see.


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