Doctor Who s10 e1 The Pilot

Ok, it’s back.

A long time away from the end of series nine and a refresh. 

New companion and the Doctor being grounded at a university.

First, Pearl Mackie as Bill. I thought she did well, it’s clear she can act and her character is the ordinary person that acts as the viewers portal. 

She’s not Clara imbued with knowledge and having been through the Doctor’s time stream well enough to impersonate him. 

And that’s a good thing. It’s not annoying, it’s not I’m almost equal to the Doctor. It’s Doctor and companion as of old. 

I see in Bill, Rose, perhaps some Ace, perhaps some Mickey. She’s asking why and what and how.

As for the Doctor, a professor for how knows long giving science lectures in a unique way and being alien and human enough.

The Vault is interesting. The props and things around it in the basement too. 

I haven’t yet put together the visuals but I’m thinking Time Lord perhaps and whether the Doctor and Nardole are guarding it/ trying to open it. Obviously it will be returned to.

Clearly the TARDIS worked in the episode and The Doctor chose to be grounded and in his role as lecturer/professor. Possibly for another long stretch of time.

Nardole dropping the bolt when introducing Bill suggests the body is a robot. We’ve not had it explicitly confirmed though. 

Matt Lucas was fine with a gentle background role. Enough to enjoy and with a quip here and there.

Significant to me in the episode?  The Doctor’s desk. His pictures on the desk. No doubt there’s a lot more to glean. River and Susan. Wife and granddaughter. No explanation needed or is there?

Hiding in the TARDIS and that tracking shot from the doors to the darkness. 

Action with Daleks and Movellians in future space corridors.

Almost perfect.

We’ve rebooted. A very good start. The water monster sort of worked, we got a blast of ‘Joy Division’ too.

Human qualities from Bill but a likeable Doctor whilst still having the Alien qualities. The photographs of Bill’s mum.

8/10, although the mention of a macaroon dispenser may tempt me higher.

I loved the lecture scene and wanted more of that.


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