Horrible Day (Aspergers)

I’ve slept badly, I’ve had a sweat thing this morning, involving my head sweating. Same again this evening on the train.

I’ve had a panic. I’ve been energy crashed. Mood sank and I just feel horrible.

The sweating seems to be my head rather than body. I get too hot and overwhelmed.

I thought it was my medication for anxiety and depression but reading on it it’s either a lack of vitamin d or it’s epilepsy. 

I hate doctoring via google and I’m not not happy. I’m unhappy and just a bit yuk and I’m worried.

I do get the night twitch thing, but I’m okay most of the rest of time.

But I’m really badly functioning today and it’s annoying.

So. Food and sleep are needed. I’ve got a doctor appointment arranged and I need to figure if it’s the drugs or if I need tested.


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