PIP Mandatory Reconsideration. (Aspergers)

So I’ve been refused PIP after writing for a mandatory reconsideration.

I’m told I ‘have no diagnosed cognitive impairment and no significant low mood or anxiety’.

I’m just gutted. I tried and I want no further part in this system.

I really can’t get it. I really don’t understand it and I really just want to hide away and just rot.

My life is shit. I have nothing good. I am skint and am struggling to figure out what to do.

They think I’m not disabled. So I must ask my GP for reassessment as clearly I can’t have aspergers and I must be misdiagnosed or something. 

I must be normal and okay and fine. I feel like I’m a liar. I feel I’m some sort of cheat.

I just want some help somehow. It’s so frustrating and I’m crying typing this. I just need a break.


Friday 28th April

Here’s my original post on my first time refusal 

March refusal of application

I haven’t got better, my finances are still fucked. I’m feeling more lost and helpless and I’m toiling every single day now.

If someone believed me or cared, that’d be nice. 

Being able to drag myself to work isn’t an indicator that nothing is wrong.

I’m not malnourished, but eating shite isn’t an indicator nothing is wrong.

Being capable of driving isn’t an indicator nothing is wrong.

Having a condition and being treated like crap is horrible. Having people being weird in my face all the time isn’t nice either.

I can’t and won’t say I’m suicidal as I love my kids and couldn’t do that to them. Again that’s no indicator nothing is wrong.

I want to have a happier, less stressed life like I see others with ASD diagnosis do have.

PIP could have meant a bit of financial help when I really really need it. It could have helped me reduce my working hours and have less stress or more time with the kids.

In the short term it’d have helped me sort out a mess of debt and breathe easier.

In the short term I could have afforded a holiday, a few days away.

It could have meant a chance for me to afford a night out once a month.

It could long term have allowed me to afford to do a class or an interest.

My hopes are shot. That’s what I get for believing I could get a little help.

Back to worrying, stressing and feeling crap as I stumble on through each day. 


3 thoughts on “PIP Mandatory Reconsideration. (Aspergers)

  1. “I must be normal and okay and fine. I feel like I’m a liar. I feel I’m some sort of cheat.”

    theyre idiots, chic. youre a different normal, and a different fine. but the kind of fine they think you are, doesnt have to worry about this shit, because theyve got what they need. i hope something good (and honestly good enough, not just “sort of”) comes your way soon. love you man. no kidding.

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