Same Old s**** – why Scottish Election debates needs fresh blood, like those who are actually standing.

STV announced a Scottish Leaders Debate. With invites for Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson, Kezia Dugdale and Willie Rennie.

Haud. Me. Back. 

Actually don’t bother.

Yes, I know it’s unfair on the Scottish Greens and Patrick Harvie, but will all due respect to the five individuals named above, I’d rather not see them debate.

I’d like to see those actually standing for election to the Westminster debate. Not those who are safely MSPs and not standing.

I see FMQ’s, I’m not really bothered about Ruth or Willie or Kezia.

By that, I mean Angus Robertson, Ian Murray, David Mundell..

Whoever is standing for election, get them on.

Bring me something different. Fresh blood for the Bernard or whoever to toy with and paw at.

We need new performing politicians, it gets tedious putting the same ones up time after time.


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