Doctor Who s10 e4: Knock Knock

A simple scare em. 

But as ever with Doctor Who nothing is ever that simple, we see Bill and friends seeking a suitable place to rent and coming up blank at the Estate Agent before a man offers them a house.

The man or ‘The Landlord’ is exquisitely played by David Suchet, with poise and timing and tone of voice as he once showed in Poirot.

The plot used timing, visual and sound effects well to set up the scares in a creepy old house that has a secret. The Doctor helps Bill to move using the Tardis but stays around after sticking his finger in the Air and noticing something.

I’ve only seen the episode as a standard version without enhanced sound, but speech and music were fine.

The episode worked in general, alien bugs, a dying woman and the Landlord uses occasional tenants to feed them and sustain her.

Bill’s questions this time took us into mentions about the ‘Time Lords’ and their collars, mentions of  sleep, regeneration and again, the Doctor’s age. 

Most interesting was saying the Doctor was her ‘Grandfather’ to her friends. A reference that runs back to the beginning of the show and that might or might not be significant. 

Moffat has teased us before and thrown us the odd red herring here and there in the past.

Again, the ending made as much impact as the bulk of the episode, with Nardole clearly nervous as The Doctor approaches him and it’s also clear that someone is held in the Vault. 

We hear piano music, not quite what we expect, having heard knocking previously and The Doctor approaches and addresses the Vault Door.

The two pieces of music that we hear are apparently ‘Fur Elise’ and ‘Pop goes the Weasel’.

The first is Beethoven, as per the ‘Bootstrap Paradox’ in the introduction of Series Nine’s ‘Before the Flood’, although that time it was Beethoven’s Fifth and a reference to how a time traveller could set a paradox in being.

‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ is a children’s song obviously. The question is what exactly is the reference here and how it is relevant and who’s playing it?

A pianist that the Doctor is familiar with, that he tells stories about his encounters with whilst fulfilling his ‘oath’ ? 

Someone that he’d share a meal with, in terms of the take away. The vault as a cell, possibly even a comfortable one?

Missy. The Master. We presume. The use of music as a code between them, it could be. Again, is it too obvious?

It’s difficult to guess otherwise. It’s going to be the series arc and be our drift toward the later episodes and towards what Twelve’s ending might be. 


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