Look Down #Paisley2021

This is Paisley. More particularly it’s the surface of Back Sneddon Street as you look West towards Love Street.

So why that photo?

1. The brick sets as the road surface.

2. The cobbles as the planter surface.

Both are visible in the town, the long  grey bricks in some streets and the cobbles are used as the wall facing in planter beds all around the infamous Paisley one way system.

Paisley’s history is pretty simple. A river, the White Cart Water and The Abbey as a focus for settlement.

But the town grew and the fantastic Victorian architecture and sheer number of A listed buildings are a key factor in the #paisley2021 city of culture bid.

So if you do get to Paisley for one of the events, have a look. The quality of the surfaces on the non tarmac roads and those cobbled flower beds.

The cobbles were reused after the 1970’s redevelopment of the town’s road system to alleviate traffic off the High Street/Glasgow Road corridor.

But the quality of them is fantastic and it does make you think as to quite how wealthy the town was in the high Victorian era with the thread mills of Coats and Clarks.


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