Doctor Who s10 e5 Oxygen 

Thrills, Tension and pace.

But ‘Space.. The Final Frontier’ said by Capaldi in his ‘crop rotation’ lecture. 

Hard Science on the effects of lack of Oxygen to a body, led into a space station in trouble, a base under zombie siege. Zombies made by capitalism as each breath was monitored by a space suit that charged and a station that vented air released by the TARDIS.

It was compelling, Bill placed in real danger as her suit was faulty, but the Doctor saves his companion, his responsibility but at a cost. His sight and he faces danger before he figured out the problem and solution. The corporation owning the space station didn’t care if the crew lived or died, no rescue ship, merely replacements and the Doctor realised damaging the station only way to buy time to get to the TARDIS.

So we have a blind Doctor, an increasingly worried and tense Nardole and still the Vault and it’s occupant. Nardole’ line about they’ll sense if you’re weak shoves us toward Timelord and antagonist. But why and what path or promise and how did the situation start?

We got a second of a screen flash in the coming next week Trailer and maybe a tease or maybe a false direction.

We see the Doctor with the Sonic Sunglasses, we see him using the screwdriver as a reading tool for a strange text too. Episode six leads us into a loose threeparter. But, a blind doctor? Reliant on the sunglasses and his companions, no quick fix with Time Lord regeneration energy? 

Whatever we’re headed to it’s getting darker.

Bill perfect again this week, jumping up and down to test the Artificial Gravity. The lecture sequence enjoyable. More Nardole, but not just as comic relief, he’s the conscience of that oath on the vault, he’s holding the Doctor to his promises.

Capaldi as the Doctor shifted gears, the lecture and his know-it-all style, the reckless need to explore and impress Bill through boredom as much as anything, the promise to save the crew, risking Bill to a theory on the spacesuits, risking himself in the lack of oxygen. Channelling some Sixth Doctor perhaps? Or the gung-ho Third? 

Impressive though. 

Solid 8/10 for Oxygen.


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