Having a Face..(Aspergers)

Yes there’s days I don’t want a grey beard. 

I only really shave if I feel my skin is irritated. It has been and I had a spot/coldsore thing annoying me.

The beard was a bit scraggy and I just wanted it off.

So I bare face for practicality. I don’t much like it and I’ll be Beardy again soon.

The point is that I don’t particularly judge appearances, unless someone noticeably dirty, drunk or stinks of alcohol.

I see people Day to Day.  I might notice differences in dress or haircuts, but I’m not socially equipped to do that kind of talk. It’s not my bag.

I’m not bothered on my own appearance, as long as I’m enough ‘normal’ to pass with the Neurotypicals within the wide enough range of normal that they have.

Wearing the glasses as in the picture generally means Im not trying to be normal, although I carry clear glasses and sunglasses too if I feel they’d be better or if  light conditions aren’t harsh.

If I was trying hard, I’d shave more often, I’d have regular haircuts. Both are sensory issues though and I can’t  get across to the NT’s that if I do something like that, it’s not for their benefit or to keep them happy. I don’t have their need to conform.

I wear clothes that are comfortable not for any other purpose. My work shirts are same fabric but slightly different colour/pattern only to show I wash and rotate order.

It’s margins of error and I’ve made mistakes with my appearance and my clothes. Through life experience I have a pattern and a way and a routine.

I still get stumped if I have to go out to something though.


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