PIP – a statistic to them (Autism)

Sir Henry Brooke blog

I found this breathtaking, basically I’m a Key Performance Indicator for the Department of Work and Pensions. 

As for Personal Independence Payments the KPI is for 80% rejection at Mandatory Reconsideration.

This makes the stress that I had with completing original form and the stress of then being rejected and the stress of them the interview by a healthcare professional, essentially just a management measure by the DWP.

A target, a figure, a statistic. 

Whilst, as a mug, I worried.

No compliance with the intention of the Law creating PIP, no compliance with people’s medical conditions and a deliberate targeting of rejection as a means to limit the benefits paid and numbers of claims made.

I’m a pawn in their systems until I appeal to the court’s service.

Anxiety, Worry and Stress are pretty much my condition. I’m also bound by rules and routines and I’m not brilliant verbally.

I felt like I was hit like a stone in the stomach every time that I was rejected at PIP. 

Being autistic, I don’t lie, so not being believed really isn’t nice and it’s also frustrating and it sets off anxiety etc, etc.

If the sole purpose of the system is to deny and spin out until the Courts Service appeal stage, then more people need to know this.


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