Doctor Who s10 e11 – World Enough and Time.

Cold Open. 

The Tardis lands somewhere in snow.

The Doctor stumbles out onto his knees saying ‘No’ whilst regeneration energy pulses out from his arms.

Then the Titles and a spaceship.. 

A big one. A very big one and it’s headed into a black hole.

Next is the groan of the Tardis ‘Vworp Vworp’ sound on the spaceship’s Bridge and Missy then emerges as ‘Doctor Who’ making a speech to the room.

‘My disposables, comic relief and exposition.’ is quite a line about Nardole and Bill as she introduces herself to well, no-one on the bridge.

Meanwhile, The Doctor sits eating crisps whilst watching this test on his Tardis ‘iPad’.

Things become critical when a blue man from the crew enters the bridge and wants to kill Bill as she’s human. There are creatures coming up in the lift and they want humans. 

Here, the Doctor has to intervene.

Bill gets a big round hole in her body from the Blue Man’s blaster despite the Doctor’s protestations.

‘He’s having an emotion.’ says Nardole in flashback as The Doctor pleads with Bill to accompany Missy on a test run as she is still his ‘best friend’ and he wants his companions to accompany her.

Bill says ‘Promise me you won’t get me killed’, of course, he can’t promise.

Back to the spaceship and the lift arrives.

Hooded creatures emerge and say ‘Step away, she will be repaired.’

The Tardis crew and blue man let them.

‘Wait for me.’ Are the Doctor’s words as the Doors close on the lift.

Bill later awakens in a creepy hospital and starts to explore the rooms. All the while, she hears a metallic voice saying ‘Pain, Pain, Pain.’ 

She finds an old style hospital ward full of people that are white hooded and hooked up to drips. 

A scary Matron then enters.  She seems to calm the patient but has merely turned down the speaker on his head from ‘pain’ on the patient as Bill discovers after the Matron leaves.

Bill then has tea with a mysterious bearded man with an accent, who shows her the Doctor  and the others on a black and white TV screen. The man is effectively the caretaker. Mr Razor.

‘Time moves faster, top of ship very slow, very fast bottom.’ He tries to explain to her.

The TV is effectively a still picture.

‘Gravity slows time.’ Lecturer mode from the Doctor. 

Black hole and one end of the ship from the other.

Whilst mopping the ‘Conversion Therapy’ room as Razor’s helper, Bill looks out a window onto what appears to be a city. 

Bill has a vision of The Doctor saying ‘Wait for me.’

She later visits the city with Mr Razor, a dystopian polluted place. ‘You must be strong to leave the Hospital.’ 

Bill really isn’t after her surgery and has to go back there with him.

Venusian Aikido is used by The Doctor to escape the Blue Man – wahey!!!

The Doctor, Missy and Nardole then take the lift down. ‘It’s only been Ten Minutes’ comments Nardole.

Meanwhile, Bill persuades the Caretaker to take her to the lifts, but, he betrays her and takes her to the room where Cybermen are converted.

The Doctor gets Missy to search the Computer whilst the Doctor and Nardole explore.

‘Earth like planet, if Earth had a twin.’ Says Missy  looking at the computer whilst the Caretaker tries to talk to her.

Missy tries to warn him away from her.

Missy :- ‘This ship is from Mondas.’


The Doctor:- ‘A Mondasian Cyberman.’

The caretaker confronts Missy  after she says ‘Doctor!’ to attempt to warn him.

The caretaker pulls a gun similar to the one the blue man had and stops her.

He continues with ‘You would never be so self destructive.’

Yes, it’s the Master after he pulls off a rubber head.

‘Hello Missy, I’m the Master and I’m very worried about my future!’

The Doctor and Nardole find the operating room and a Mondasian cyberman.

They question it and it turns out to be Bill.

‘I waited for you’ and a tear through the metal eye.


My view

As clever an episode of NuWho as there is. 

Incredible turn by John Simm under the prosthetic mask as Razor.

A shame the London tabloids spoiled his comeback so long ago. If you hadn’t known, it would’ve be epic.

Pearl Mackie superb once again as I seem to keep saying.

Pace of direction and musical score seemed perfect 

Clearly 9/10 and a high point of a good season. The menace of the cybermen was there.


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