My last post on Aspergers. 

I received my PIP Tribunal letter. I’m only worthy of the 2 points for difficulties in communication.

I’m not Disabled then. 

I’m hurt. I tried and ultimately the verbal traps got me both at the medical interview and Tribunal. 

I wouldn’t know or understand the verbal traps. The time I took to explain how i am to them was wasted. The letters and my responses 

It’s another cure by DWP. I can’t have difficulties, they’ve said so.

Their nurse and decision maker say I can’t have difficulties as I can drive and I work.

So, The Asperger’s Syndrome I have or thought I had is just a fraud. 

I need to see my GP to see the Community Mental Health Team to see the Adult Autism Unit to get un-diagnosed.

I’m normal. Must be.

My difficulties must be ones that normal able people face. I can’t be autistic or actually autistic then.

If I don’t qualify for PIP then I’m not Disabled. My contemporaries at my former autism coffee group all get PIP, all get help and support. They must be genuine whilst I’m fake.

I apologise to my readers some of who are autistic and actually autistic. I meant no harm. I thought a diagnosis meant that I was, but it’s not enough and it’s not right for me to comment further as I can’t be genuinely autistic.

I thought I was, but the DWP say I don’t qualify for PIP. I shouldn’t need help or support in my life.

I won’t need their financial support. I apparently can manage. I apparently can do everything a normal adult can do. 

So. Thanks if you’ve read my previous posts. I’ve cleared my Twitter of autism and aspergers as obviously I’m not one. I’ll unfollow on WordPress the autism and aspergers blogs too.

The Tribunal was the last point of appeal for me. I can’t do any more myself. They won. I’m cured. I’m not a Disabled or Autistic person.

I now need to ask for the diagnosis to be removed and taken away.

I’m down and I will be for a long time. I’m sorry but I don’t believe I’ll be able to read replies to this post, even if well intentioned. 

I’ll now concentrate on trying to keep my job, trying to keep seeing my children. Trying to keep from further debt and financial mess. 

I’m not autistic any more, so I’ll have time and ability to try all that.

Again. My apologies if you’ve read my posts under autism, ASD or aspergers before, I’ll remove the post tags.


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