So I get an email

I got my latest email from The National Autistic Society on social groups etc. It advised of a new volunteer and gave some information on them.

I had to email back saying thanks for information but can you take me off mailing list.

Probably seems petty, but I hadn’t been to any of the social groups in a while and the PIP stuff just made me want to give up on it all and I have. 

I also got annoyed at the venue change. An event by a local MP put paid to using a comfortable venue in a coffee shop. The shop were happy to have us, but not for us to have the exclusive use of the room. 

The new venue wasn’t as nice as it was where the wake for my mums funeral was and I found that difficult.

I also became more uncomfortable with people as they didn’t work and weren’t subject to the daily stress of work and my parenting commitments. 

It was good meeting autistic people and I learned a lot, but ultimately I guess I just wasn’t comfortable.

Timing wasn’t ideal as I had my daughter every second Friday and even when I could make it, I felt I had to help with the other kids and stuff.

The PIP decision means I’m not as ‘disabled’ as them, I don’t qualify for any of the discounts they get on things and I don’t really get the support they receive either.

NAS was initially introduced to me as ‘they’re gonna help’, but after two afternoons talking to and giving details to them, I  realised I couldn’t afford a fee for an organised social group (£60) that meet up and do things.

I wasn’t made aware in any way other than being told by other people about a ‘secret group’ of autistic people that work in Glasgow. When I tried to say hello one day, they were in a back room of a venue and I had no way of guessing that.

I haven’t had any meaningful help or support from NAS. I stopped following on twitter a long time back and I rarely support their campaigns now.

NAS may provide a service for kids, but as a late diagnosed adult, that also doesn’t qualify as Disabled, they really did nothing for me.

It’s another element to my estrangement with aspergers and autism. If I want social contact, I’ll need to learn again how to do so with people that I think I can trust. I’m a long way off doing that.

For now, I’ll swerve anything to do with NAS.