Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor

So, we have a new Doctor. A Time Lady.

Good luck to Jodie Whittaker.

I have no problem on it being a female doctor. We have had 12 white men in a row. 

We’ve crossed off gender as an issue, but colour will there in future and whilst we can bang on about equality and diversity, it’s important to remember that it’s still a human actor playing an Alien. 

The character is a 2000 odd year old Gallifreyan Time Lord that travels in a box craft in Time and Space, so where do you draw the line?

‘The line’ if there is one is subject to the society and times we lived in and Doctor Who has always reflected the age it is set in. It reflected the sixties, seventies and eighties in the original run. The NuWho so far has reflected our times too.

So, in 2017, a woman as the Doctor?

It’s about time, possibly overdue but,  Eccleston, Tennant, Smith and Capaldi all were excellent in the role and there’s no reason Whittaker won’t be too.

We have a new Doctor, yes she’s The Doctor. 

Importantly, we have a new showrunner and lead writer and the show will go under a different path under Chris Chibnall. 

We suppose on a slightly different format with a move away from ‘monster of the week’ to a more serialised nature with a longer arc and more depth. 

A ‘writer’s room’ format has been mentioned and that’s different from Moffat outlining the series and looking to commission scripts from outlines provided by writers.  

It’s a different method and format and if a linked twelve part story it suggests a different vision and way of production too. The filming blocks of previous series might change and the run of directors over two or three episodes will change too.

Chibnall’s Who will therefore be different from the Davies and Moffat eras. 

Moffat had delivered a fine series ten with Capaldi and Mackie delivering great performances over the series.

Series Eleven brings much to look forward to, but much in way of change too as a run or event television and in terms of establishing an Audience in the UK again. 

The quality of Moffat’s time can’t be faulted but for the BBC and others, viewing figures are key and the show has had difficulties in recent years against the ITV Saturday lineups. 

Iplayer adds significant numbers to viewers, but the figures need a boost, the Doctor needs re-established as something ‘must-see’ and have the ‘viral’ viewing in the way Broadchurch had. 

Binge Watching on the internet providers has changed television and we may see changed philosophy on how the show is marketed and distributed whether it’s next episode available after first had broadcast or  giving a partner see first rights.

So, much will change but, The Doctor is The Doctor and we have much to look forward to after The Twelfth Doctor regenerates.