Being Frightened of a word.

I’m 44, I nudge 6’0″, I don’t drink much alcohol and I stopped smoking last year. 

My issue is that I’ve gotten fat.

The word I’m avoiding is Jacamo, it sells clothes for men in bigger sizes. They’re good at what they do and if I must, I will.

I’m at size 40 waist for trousers and some shops do that, most supermarkets do, but not always.  I wore the arses out of several pairs of jeans this year. That ought to have been a warning.

So I’m trying to reign myself in. Less sugary soft drinks and less biscuity treats for breakfast. 

I’m cutting down, trying to be more sensible and trying just to stop a bit of the rot.

I’ve been juggling things in terms of stress with a lot going on and whilst I can cope a bit more now, I need to look at what I’m eating and just to give myself enough of a break from what I was doing. 

If there’s an aim it’s just to not get worse and to get just to be size 38. 

So, is it sensible, can I do it? Probably. Not eating what I like is boring. I’ll need to try and keep myself motivated. 

To work, it’s weeks and months, I can’t be silly and think temporary fixes but knowing that it’s time just to be a little more sensible a day at a time.

Mood affects eating, I know that. Some comforts help, but it all adds up and I’ve went too far. What else can I do.