No Help.

There’s no help.

I can’t email anyone for help when stressed or in pain.

I tried today as I was worried about things and upset.

The council’s social work adult team contacted the police and the very person I didn’t want them to contact.

No HELP and three phone calls to the POLICE which is very stressful. 

The threat of officers to my door or to break in.

ALL as council adult social work are incompetent. I was asked stupid questions on my address and date of birth rather than asked what was wrong. I had said I have Aspergers and am rubbish on the phone.

Then they gave me a VERBAL NIGHTMARE. Exactly the last thing I wanted or needed.

Also contacting a person I didn’t want contacted.

STRESS INCREASED as that individual won’t leave it be. I didn’t want that person knowing I wanted help.


But hey ho, I still won’t phone your fucking helpline and you won’t fucking answer my emails. 

So, no help and another thing I can’t trust. 


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