Tried to get help.

Very upset right now and have a tension headache at the back of my head.

The emphasis at my appointment was on my previous incident and how wrong I was about my behaviour.

Also that I hadn’t attended over summer and should have stepped down my prescription, so that’s why Last two prescriptions didn’t have it.

The practice are meeting on whether I’m allowed to be a patient too.

I was given a prescription, I don’t know if I’ll get a referral to community mental health.

So, no real help and the worry of finding a new GP. I don’t know how to start with that and I’m scared of getting a letter saying I won’t be treated.

I now have zero faith in GP Doctors. I feel they are charlatans and quacks.

I’d get everything going if I was an unemployed drunk or drug addict, but a life long condition? No.

I had written stuff down, but as usual, I didn’t get to speak. I had someone with me to help, but the focus was on what I’d done or not done.

Last Month, I had to go twice to the pharmacy to try and collect ‘the wrong’ prescription.

The pharmacy is next door to surgery, but anything I said about collecting drugs was treated as ‘nothing to do with us’ – if I can’t get the medication or it’s made difficult for me, then I will get upset and I did meltdown that day.

It was my birthday and the last thing I wanted was chasing a prescription and going to different chemists to get it. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t get it and I had been patient and in to ask for it twice.

Somehow this has nothing to do with the GPs. (Same Building) (patient with autism and depression)

I was berated about not attending from April onward, but after I saw another GP who questioned ‘why are you applying?’ When I mentioned PIP, I didn’t really want to go back. I saw that as ‘you have mild autism’ and that whole connected myth. So, there was no prospect of having a doctors letter for PIP or anything helpful.

I also had the experience of a GP doctor tripping me up verbally at my PIP first tribunal.

I just wanted to collect prescriptions , but I’d been erratic at asking for repeats and I don’t know what their systems say, but it’ll be my fault on the whole thing. I accept that as some days I forget stuff and sometimes the drugs don’t do anything.

I accept having a meltdown isn’t good. All I’ve ever wanted was help. Just help.

I don’t understand why it has to be so difficult and so hard to just get a bit of help.

I’m frightened and I’m worried and I haven’t had any help.


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