Why Write about Transport?

I’m self taught on the matter, I read a great deal of the online content as well as available and accessible magazines.

I use public transport for getting to work and for leisure. I worry about single occupant car use at rush hours and how congested some streets in the cities are.

I think there’s a need for greater investment in transport and for journeys to be as good as a car ride. I marvelled at the Oyster Card and multi-mode journeys that were possible whilst visiting London last year. I think it’s night and day compared to the wider Glasgow City Region and to Scotland as a whole.
My belief is that there needs to be a less partisan approach in politics to the issue and that new technologies and ideas from Europe can be used to make towns and cities better connected and more vibrant without necessarily excluding the car, which should have its place in society, but other greener options need to be put in place.

Sound bites are easy to come by for some politicians, but are sweeping statements about renationalising railways or re-regulating buses in Scotland the right answers?