Why write on Autism?

I have Aspergers Syndrome and was only diagnosed formally at the end of 2014.

I’m 45 years old and I also have an autistic son who is non verbal as well as unable to look after himself in a number of ways.

I know Autism is for me almost something that I can hide (possibly not very well) but for my son, it’s a bigger struggle to get out what is inside him and what he needs and wants.

We are fortunate in some ways, compared to others, there are undiagnosed kids struggling out there, families that are having a tough time to get listened to. Adults that have a poor quality of life.

I do not support the view that Autism is a missing piece and I’ll happily argue that the jigsaw symbol predominant in the USA is a bad representation of ASD conditions. I have no missing piece and neither does my son, we are merely different.

We are different in how our brains work and function to the so-called Neurotypicals. We have a right to be happy and a right to our place in society and to be accepted for who and what we are.

We may need help, but that does not mean to be conditioned by programmes like ABA or other forced improvements or quack conditioning methods.

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